Principal's Message

Mr. Brown, Principal, College Park MS

Weekly Report 5/2/2021

Greetings Bulldog Families,

Weekly Report

New Pick-Up Procedures on Testing Days:

Parents of [email protected] students who will be picking students up after testing will need to follow the procedures below:

·Right before students transition to class ALL [email protected] students will move into the gym where they can be supervised and socially distanced.

·Once all of these students have reported to the gym the rest of the campus will transition to class.

·Parents will pick these students up in the car loop in front of the gym.

·The parking lot will be well marked and a representative from our campus will call students out one car at a time beginning at 12:15 PM (Monday and Tuesday) and 12:45 PM (Thursday and Friday)

o Parents will initial the sign out sheet from their car.

o If a student has not reported to the gym for any reason parents may be asked to pull into a waiting area until the student has reported so that we can keep the flow of traffic moving.

·Students will remain in the gym until 1:10 PM. At that time any [email protected] student still in the gym will transition to their next class.

·If students are riding the bus home they will return to their schedule until the end of the day. If you will be picking students up after 1:10 PM you will need to go into the office for our regular sign out process.

·SPECIAL NOTE – If your student is in ALG1 or GEO students are permitted additional time beyond the given 90 min. session. You may want to note the possibility that your student may not be ready to leave at 12:45 on May 6th and 7th.

Important Reminders:

·6th grade ELA, 6th grade Math, and 8th GR Science tests are paper based. ALL other assessments are computer based.

·The Reading FSA has an audio component and students will be using headphones.

o Students may bring their own wired headphones if they are compatible with the student device.

o Headphones will be provided for students who do not have their own.


Sanjay Brown