Principal's Message

Welcome to College Park Middle School! 

November 28, 2021

Mr. Brown, Principal, College Park MS

Fall is here, mornings are cooler, festivities have begun, nostalgic Christmas songs are playing, families are getting together and shopping is in full swing.  Its the Holiday Season and this past week much of the country celebrated Thanksgiving.  Click HERE to view the Weekly Report

Every parent should know that we are grateful for your support, words of encouragement, understanding and your continued support of College Park Middle School.  We return to classes tomorrow November 29, 2021.  

A few things you should know about students returning from long breaks.  When students get back on campus, many can become disregulated having been away from school structure for 9 days.  Please sit your student down prior to coming to school and review our school expectations and your expectations for their behavior and learning once they return.

We have just three weeks till the end of the quarter and it is our firm belief that every parent should be in the loop when it comes their students' performance.  Please check Skyward Parent Access regularly to review your child's academic progress.

Finally, during the coming weeks students will be taking several exams, please reinforce the need for them to take each and every exam seriously as the results will affect how we approach supporting their learning.

That's it for today, always remember that at College Park Middle School you are loved and there is nothing you can do about it!


Sanjay Brown


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