School health word cloud

Because we are not legally qualified to dispense medicine, no medications (i.e. Tylenol, Advil, or aspirin) are to be given to students, except when prescribed by a physician and only when authorization forms are on file with the Clinic.

Orange County requires that students taking prescriptions during the school day must have certain paperwork on file with the Clinic. Students/parents who have medicine should go to the Clinic to complete the forms. All medications will be dispensed through the Clinic after the proper forms have been filed.

Students must have a pass to go to the Clinic for medications. Some students take medication immediately following lunch. Those students will be released from lunch 3 to 4 minutes early, so that they can go to the Clinic and still arrive to class on time.

Please contact Candid Moore, LPN for further information. 407-245-1800 x2229